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Typ projektu Klient Nazwa projektu
Organizational change Due diligence of Geofizyka Kraków and Geofizyka Toruń combined with recommendation of restructuring options for both companies
"Due diligence and market perspectives analysis for Geofizyka Kraków S.A. and Geofizyka Toruń S.A. Legal environment analysis and economic evaluation of potential ownership options for the companies to operate within the PGNiG capital group. Recommendation of preferable transformation options for the companies and definition of an execution plan."
Strategy Strategic analysis of retail gas market and gas purchasing strategy for wholesale market
"Strategic analysis of the Polish retail gas market. Evaluation and forecast of margins for selected market segments. Evaluation of attractiveness and key success factors for selected market segments, including definition of probable growth areas. Preparation of Polish and German gas markets characteristics. Definition of guidelines regarding possible forms of engagement on the wholesale gas market. Risk analysis and description regarding wholesale gas market."
Organizational change Creation of an operating model and financial documentation for establishing Dom Maklerski PGE (brokerage house)
"Creation of an operational model including core business processes description and organizational rules for non-process functions. Definition of guidelines for supporting business processes through IT systems. Analysis of the wholesale energy, property rights and CO2 emission markets. Preparation of the financial part of a motion for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Definition and impact calculation of major risks for Dom Maklerski."
Strategy Retail market segmentation strategy for electric energy and gas markets
Retail market segmentation strategy for electric energy and gas markets
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